For anyone facing a criminal prosecution in Philadelphia (or anywhere else for that matter), a criminal trial poses a dilemma filled with fear of theĀ  unknown. To be effective and in tune with the client’s perspective, I think it is imperative to keep these concerns in mind. It makes one a greater advocate to remain mindful that this experience is likely all new to your client. I remind myself that there are no stupid questions and countless times I have gained invaluable trial strategy insight by simply remaining quiet while my client explains his concerns or version of events. For this reason I believe that patience is an overlooked attribute in mounting an effective criminal defense. As a helpful exercise, I will be providing a stage by stage recap of a real life criminal case that I took to a jury trial recently. My hope is that this will provide a helpful preview for anyone wondering what a real trial looks like behind the scenes. I hope to portray this experience in an unvarnished fashion, taking the reader on a behind the scenes journey into the decision making and real time pivoting that seasoned trial attorneys will readily recognize.

I considered writing this in real time but did not wish to distract from the work of the trial so it is being presented in delay. Although this trial is now a matter of public record, my client’s identity will remain protected. This is by no means a cherry picked case, chosen for some stunning result. On the contrary, It was a particularly difficult gun case wherein the defendant was the sole occupant of a car in which a gun was allegedly recovered. I will take you from jury selection through closing arguments and deliberation. Let’s just say that the conclusion was shocking to all. I hope you enjoy and feel free to e-mail with any questions or comments to

Michael Caudo