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“One of the best attorneys around, treats clients as if they were family also does the very best to get the absolute best out of any situation” S.J.

Recent Cases

Commonwealth v. K.D. 2017

Not Guilty verdict following four day jury trial. Police Officer testified that he saw Defendant with gun in his hand. Cross examination revealed poor lighting and conflicting testimony between fellow officer concerning distance and location. Motion to compel DNA testing revealed inconclusive results. Closing argument focused on Officer’s admission that he did not tell his partner that he saw a gun on Defendant. (Commonwealth offered 5 to 10 years State Prison. Rejected by Defense)

Commonwealth v. B.F. 2017

Rape charges withdrawn and all charges dismissed after DNA results shown to be negative.

Commonwealth v. C.B. 2016

Gun charges dismissed after Motion to Suppress Granted. Search of vehicle found to be illegal and unconstitutional in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article 1 Section 8 of the Pennsylvania Constitution. (Offer of 15 to 30 months was rejected by Defense)

Commonwealth v. L.P. 2015

Not Guilty of Aggravated Assault after 1 day trial.

Commonwealth v. D.B.  2017

Felony gun possession reduced to House Arrest

Commonwealth v. J.B. 2014

Gun charges dismissed